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Submitted By:Victor Leading Horse

Donny is one of my best friends and we've known each other since grade school. One of the things we've had in common is toys, we love them. Still do *shuffles awkwardly* ... as 28 year old men. We both had a lot of experiences of being excited about a new toy, getting it home, ripping off the packaging and realizing that this toy doesn't do any of the things it did in the movie. We were nearly always disappointed. Dospace gives the chance to do those things better. When his birthday came up, I knew the perfect thing. We also both loved starship troopers, a scifi movie where humans square off in war against an alien race of giant insects. 6 hours of printing, a little paint, and some googly eyes to make it ridiculous, and I had the best gift ever, a gift that was way more articulated than what the toy company ever made, the kind of toy we always dreamed of! Dospace made that possible.